Recording Compression Tester for petrol engine 3,5-17,5bar, without accessories


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MOTOMETER Recording Compression Tester for petrol engines 3,5 ヨ 17,5 bar with quick-connection coupling, without accessories

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Car/Truck Service is a matter of confidence.
When returning a vehicle to the customer, it is important to provide positive proof that all checks have been made.
Using the MOTOMETER recording compression testers the check and the documentation of the compression pressure of an engine is comfortable and safe. The hard-copy recording charts provide irrefutable information on engine condition and are easily understood by the average vehicle owner.


  • 1 x Recording Compression Tester 3,5 – 17,5 bar with quick-connection coupling
  • 100 x Recording charts 3,5 – 17,5 bar
  • 1 x Instruction manual

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Weight 2 kg

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