Methods of Payment

You can pay via prepayment or PayPal. To safeguard against credit risk, we reserve the right, based on the respective creditworthiness, to exclude certain types of payment. Just select the one most optimum payment for you. The costs of delivery and handling charges are not included in the purchase price, they are on the side “Returns” callable and are shown separately during the ordering process and are additionally carry from you.


Pay securely, easily and quickly:

Securely: Your bank or your credit card details are only filed with PayPal, will not be shared and thus not every online purchase re-sent over the Internet. Simply: you pay easily with just a few clicks, because you rely on your bank deposit by PayPal or credit card information, rather than with each purchase enter again.
Quickly: PayPal payments will arrive quickly. The vendor can send out earlier and you usually receive your package faster.


You transfer the invoice amount by bank transfer (IBAN/BIC). Your order will be executed when your payment reaches our account. If we should not receive any payment after the period of 15 days, your order is automatically canceled.

Account holder: MOTOMETER GmbH
Credit institute: Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw
IBAN: DE86 6665 0085 0000 6902 60