Universal Adapter set – nozzle holder / injector


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Universal Adapter set in a case – nozzle holder / injector

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One of the most common causes for poorly tuned motors is compression leakage. A precise compression pressure test with the right tools is a must for anyone serious about diesel engine maintenance.
This comprehensive Universal Adapter Set for nozzle holder covers a vast majority of modern engines fitted to most manufacturers’ vehicles.
The collar system allows easy matching of injector profile.

Application range:

  • Car
  • truck and bus
  • commercial vehicles
  • agricultural machinery


    • 2 x front piece 17mm and 21mm diameter
    • 1 x middle piece 10mm
    • 1 x middle piece 20mm
    • 2 x middle piece 40mm
    • 1 x end piece
    • 1 x bracket 50mm
    • 1 x bracket, einseitig
    • 1 x washer
    • 1 x case

If you are unsure whether the universal adapter set covers your nozzle holder?
Make quick and easy the compatibility check.
Adapter data base .

Search by vehicle data:

    • Insert the vehicle data
    • The database shows you all suitable adapters
      You can find in the last column if the universal adapter set is compatible to your Motor

Search by Motometer adapter number:

  • Insert in the search field “universal”
    The adapter database shows you all motors which are compatible to the universal adapter set

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