Smart CAN Display, 12/24 Volt Cooling water temperature


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Smart CAN Display, 12/24 Volt Cooling water temperature, 710 050 1000

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The Smart CAN Display is a CAN-capable display for monitoring vehicle and comfort functions in mobile machinery and commercial vehicles. You can use it to visualize and monitor the Cooling water temperature in the vehicle. Thanks to its standard dimensions of 42 x 22 mm (like a classic rocker switch), it can be easily and simply installed in any dashboard.

Rated voltage: 12 / 24V
Operating voltage: 8 … 36V
Overvoltage protection: 36V for max. 60min at 60°C
Housing: Black plastic
Protection class: front: IP 54, rear: IP00
CAN identifier: 11 bit
Baud rate: 250 kbaud
Installation dimensions: 44.4-0.3 x 22.4-0.2
Electrical connection: blade terminal A 6.3x 0.8 DIN 46244
Mating connector: SWF 596289 receptacle housing with Tyco contact data (sleeves) 183035-1
Storage temperature: -40°C … 80°C
Operating temperature: -40°C … 80°C


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