Inductive Sensor, 54,5 mm, 5/8 – 18 UNF, CR6 free, inductive


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Inductive Sensor, 54,5 mm, 5/8 – 18 UNF, CR6 free, inductive 674 004 1048

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Inductive sensors are used in vehicles and machines to measure the revolutions per minute of rotating shafts, axles or wheels. The number of teeth of a toothed pulley or the holes of a holed pulley are counted by induction. The produced pulses will be transmitted to a revolution counter which will show the revolutions per minute, taking into account the pulses per revolution.

The MOTOMETER Inductive Sensors are available with different threads and in different lengths. All sensors are sealed with a special compound substance inside and equipped with standard connectors or standard plugs. The induced voltage depends on the number of pulses. Since a short time, you successively receive the inductive sensors without chrome 6

Length: 54,5 mm
Thread: 5/8 – 18 UNF
Feature: CR6 free, inductive
Part. No.: 674 004 1048

642 016 1016

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