Temperature display, electric 40-120°C, 24V


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Temperature display, electric 40-120°C, 24V, 641 000 1085

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MOTOMETER temperature displays are equipped with a precise rotation quotient measuring unit that accurately shows the temperature measured by the sensor. The temperature displays have a metal housing in order to provide the best possible protection and stability and thereby guarantee a long service life. The instruments are illuminated by a flood light type. In the case of the standard types, the dial is black with white numbers and a red pointer.
The front ring is of a black triangular design. Operation with a 12 Volt or 24 Volt on-board supply system is possible, depending on the type. The temperature displays are available both unearthed, as well as with different labelling of the dial (e.g. with other
symbol imprints or colours) or a chrome front ring.

Temperature display

  • Display range: 40°-120
  • Voltage: 24 Volt DC